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Satisfied Customer

Pauletta, I got the stocking today and it is even better than I expected! I know she will love it. I sent a picture of the stocking to her sister and dad and they both said it will definitely brighten up her holidays. I just wanted to thank you for being flexible, making it look like her, and for the super fast shipping. The scripture gift ideas were great as well! I wasn't expecting those but will, without a doubt, use some of them. I will spread the work abut the lovely stockings you make for the missionaries. Thanks one again.

Lynette from Boise

My son is in Virginia on his mission and after Christmas he sent home a box of belongings, which included Christmas gifts and stockings, etc. that folks gave him. HOWEVER, he KEPT it with--his cool missionary stocking you made him! HA HA. He loved it and commented on the cool scripture stickers you provided that I marked with his treats. I just wanted to say thank you again.

Rob and Shari from Alberta, Canada

Just wanted to say a great big thank you for making such a cute and very personal Christmas gift for our missionary son who is serving in Idaho right now. It's not always easy to find appropriate gifts for missionaries because they have to always travel light. We are looking forward to sending it to him and hearing back about how much he enjoyed it. Thanks for the gift ideas to go inside. It has made our Christmas giving more exciting and fun. Thanks again!

Satisfied Customer

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering such a wonderful product? Our son is new to the mission field. Just this week he left the MTC in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This stocking is sure to be a favorite of his! I am so impressed with the workmanship that went into making this fine product! Thank you so much for offering this item!!

Heidi from Portland, Oregon

I had a great time getting items for my brother's missionary stocking who is serving in New Mexico. There were so many choices and funny and wonderful quotes or scriptures to go along with each gift. I know for a fact that he really enjoyed it because after Christmas he sent home the stocking our mom made for him and kept the missionary stocking. I would definitely recommend it for any missionary needing a pick-me-up while out on their mission.


Linda from Washington

I sent a missionary stocking to my son in Australia and it was just fabulous! Our family enjoyed getting together the small gifts to put inside and it was great! He raved about it and now that he is home, he still talks about how fun it was to get in the mail.

Colleen from Canada

Pauletta, the stocking arrived last Friday, and what a wonderful thing it is! So very attractive, with such excellent workmanship. And the fun scriptures gift suggestions to go with it are very appropriate, some just hilarious, others almost designed to bring the Spirit. It will be so much fun to seek out those little gifts, and finding Canadian equivalents for some of the candy bars. I'm looking forward to it! As I said before, I will be ordering another one for my son't companion once I know who he will be at Christmas. And now another young man in our branch has received his call, going to the MTC in November, so I'll be getting one  for him. Thank you so much for this great product!

Wendy from Bountiful, Utah

Thank you so much for the awesome missionary stockings. They arrived within a week of placing the order. We ordered one for my son and one for his companion. We are having a fun time trying to fill them up. They are huge! What a creative and personal way to send Christmas to a missionary. The scripture quotes and stickers are awesome, too. We will use those for his next package! Thanks for such awesome work!

Debbie from Florida

I just received my first missionary stocking in the mail, and I have to tell you how very pleased I was! I absolutely LOVED it!! We hung it up immediately so they family "at home" can enjoy looking at "our missionary" until time to fill it and mail it off. Not only was it well made, it was nice and roomy so that all of my gifts could fit easily inside. I love the fact I was able to customize the stocking to match my missionary's features, so it was more of a personal gift item. In fact, I am so pleased that I will be placing another order for my second missionary stocking today so the companion does  note feel left out on Christmas morning! May you be blessed for using your wonderful talents to help other missionary mothers send a "gift of love' to their missionaries who are so far away from home during this holiday season. Also, thanks for the wonderful scripture gift ideas. I am going to use those items to fill the stockings. Again, thanks so  much!!