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The Beginning

The first missionary Christmas stocking I made was sent to my oldest son serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Lima, Peru. It was the first Christmas without him and I was trying to find something original and personalized that was lightweight to send through the mail. I created a missionary Christmas stocking that had his hair color and name on it which proved to be perfect! He said that all the missionaries in his area wanted one, too! He left the stocking in Peru for the people he had met to enjoy and remember him by.

Since that first Christmas, I have made missionary Christmas stockings for two other sons who served in South Carolina and Texas. I also made stockings for nephews, cousins, friends' sons, missionaries serving in our ward, and missionaries serving from our ward. Sending one became sending two as I couldn't send one without sending one for the companion. I have also made stockings for a stake president who had the relief society fill them and present them to those serving in his stake. My son wanted me to make one for his mission president and his wife, thus the gray-haired mission president stocking was created. 

Two of my son are serving in the military. I decided to convert the missionary stocking into military ones for them. They were really surprised to find camouflage stockings in the mail.

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